RotoCraft is a new flight apparatus that utilizes a radial-flow rotor and lift funnels to fly through the air. Many of the available rotorcrafts, like personal helicopters, experience aerodynamic drag that limits the speed of the vessel. This drag is caused by the large rotors on top and on the tail of the helicopter, as well the size and shape of the helicopter. The RotoCraft uses counter-rotating rotors and a propulsion system to enable the omni-directional maneuvering capability of a helicopter while decreasing aerodynamic drag. The fuselage is shaped to improve aerodynamics and decrease drag.

The RotoCraft can be designed in multiple configurations to accommodate a pilot, up to 8 passengers, cargo, and more. It can also be manufactured as a smaller-scale model, similar to remote-controlled helicopters and drones.

The RotoCraft is designed to include a parachute box and other safety features to protect the fuselage and people or cargo inside in the event of mechanical failure. The RotoCraft is the only product on the market that uses a radial-flow rotor propulsion system.






Special features

  • Only product with a radial-flow rotor propulsion system
  • Plurality of lift funnels
  • Parachute box for safety
  • Multiple design configurations and sizes
  • Able to carry passengers, cargo, or both
  • Can be manufactured as a remote-controlled toy




The RotoCraft is a rotorcraft with counter-rotating rotor blades that can hover in place, move forwards, backwards, or side-to-side, irrespective of the airspeed over the rotorcraft. The RotoCraft includes a fuselage, a first axial-flow rotor, a radial-flow rotor, a propulsion funnel, and a plurality of lift funnels.



The airflow generated by the first axial-flow rotor travels through the propulsion funnel and exits out of the back of the RotoCraft. The airflow generated by the radial-flow rotor travels through the plurality of lift funnels, which gradually directs the airflow downwards.


The fuselage is used to house passengers, cargo, flight electronics, and/or fuel.



The fuselage is used to house passengers, cargo, flight electronics, and/or fuel.




Materials needed to produce the RotoCraft™:

  • Passenger Housing and Seating
  • Engines with Radial Rotator
  • Lift Funnels
  • Pilot and Computer Controls
  • Parachute and other Safety Equipment



The RotoCraft™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,669,020




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