Compacting Luggage™




The Compacting Luggage™ allows air to be extracted from clothing inside a suitcase to make room for more. This luggage can travel anywhere, and users will be sure that they have enough clothing and other necessities for their trips.

The manual vacuum pump plunger is contained in the handle, can be pressed down to push out air, and luggage volume is increased. The bag is lightweight, can contain more items than other bags, and is great for travelers who prefer extended stays.



Special features

  • Removes air from clothing to compress
  • Increases volume inside the bag
  • Convenient manual vacuum pump
  • Plunger located inside telescoping handle
  • Holds more items than a similar sized suitcase
  • Makes packing extra clothing easy
  • Trips can be longer with less luggage
  • Smaller luggage can be used for travel
  • Small sizes can be used as carry-ons
  • Ultra-lightweight bag






The Compacting Luggage™ is a suitcase that contains a manual vacuum pump to remove the air from the bag. The pump is combined with the telescopic handle of the suitcase for easy operation. A check valve is connected to the vacuum pump for withdrawing air from the container and to decrease the volume occupied by the items contained in the suitcase.

By removing the air from clothing, volume is decreased, providing room for extra clothing and other items. One small suitcase holds enough clothing to eliminate additional luggage. This is especially useful when traveling by air and not having to check bags – a fully-loaded carry-on bag will do just fine. This prevents the traveler from having to pick up bags in baggage claim and possible looking for lost luggage.

Luggage is used by almost everyone, and many households purchase small sets for frequent travel, large sets for family travel, and carry-on bags for business trips. The Compacting Luggage™ is sturdy, lightweight, and will be available in multiple colors, sizes and styles. Travelers, especially frequent fliers, will enjoy the function, look, and convenience of the Compacting Luggage™.

Materials needed to produce the Compacting Luggage™:

  • Ultra-lightweight suitcase
    • Strong Seal
  • Manual vacuum pump
    • Check Valve
    • Plunger
  • Telescoping handle
  • Wheels


The Compacting Luggage™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,560,901





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