Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™


There have been many designs of spark plugs and glow plugs as the design and manufacturing process of vehicles continues to evolve. With the adoption of direct fuel injection, this has caused an overly crowded combustion chamber in most vehicles with multiple devices needing to be connected to the top of the combustion chamber. The Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ seeks to solve this problem by providing an all-in-one product that combines the functionality of a spark plug and glow plug while also housing the fuel injector component and having the coil placed on top if needed.

The Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ combines the need of space for a spark plug, glow plug, and fuel injector into one space-efficient device to be placed at the center of the combustion chamber. This improved design of the combustion chamber will result in increased fuel efficiency, horsepower, and torque & reduced CO making the vehicle more marketable to consumers. The great thing about this device is it works on all sorts of vehicles from small sedans to large sleeper trucks since it can be used on internal combustion, diesel internal combustion, and compression ignition engines. The Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ is the perfect solution to upgrading the combustion design and process for vehicles.





  • Provides an all-in-one product that improves the ignition and fueling process for vehicle combustion
  • Combines the functionality of a spark plug and a glow plug by combining it with the fuel injector
  • Houses the fuel injector component within the product directed to the combustion chamber
  • Allows the coil to easily be placed on top of the product
  • Makes direct fuel injection more feasible for all internal combustion engines
  • Allows the igniter and the fuel injector to access the combustion chamber through a single aperture
  • Increases vehicle fuel efficiency by providing a widely circumferential spark pattern with dwell thereby promoting a more robust combustion and more complete fuel burn
  • Reduces two to three devices to one reducing crowding in the interior engine space
  • Unique design promoting stratified charge combustion process produces increased horsepower and torque & reduced CO emission through safe/reliable lean fuel mixture burn
  • Reduces two distinct electrical circuits to one
  • Simplifies vehicle manufacturing process
  • Works for internal combustion, diesel internal combustion, and compression ignition engines
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Simple manufacturing process by eliminating 2 steps currently utilized to produce traditional spark/glow plugs
  • Cost-efficient design



Spark plugs and glow plugs are an essential part of a vehicle’s ignition since the gasoline in the vehicle will not start combusting without them. A spark plug is an electrical component that can be found in a vehicle engine’s cylinder head where it receives a high-voltage charge from the connected ignition coil. The charge runs through the spark plug to the electrodes where it jumps the gap as an electrical spark causing combustion. A glow plug is sometimes needed for diesel engines to be able to properly start since they cannot utilize a spark to provide ignition. A glow plug is an electrical heating device located in each cylinder of a diesel engine that ensures reliable starts in all weather conditions.

The Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ is an igniter for a vehicle adapted to be a spark plug and a glow plug allowing it to be used to ignite any type of vehicle. This is because some vehicles like diesel engines require a glow plug to be able to properly start in colder weather due to the spark plugs not being able to ignite the engine. This igniter is encased in a grounded body with a cylindrical shape. The grounded body has threads along the outside of it to allow the device to be easily threaded onto the top of the combustion chamber.

Along with the Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ being an igniter, this product houses the fuel injector inside of it. With its cylindrical design, the fuel injector can easily be placed through the inside of the center of the product. This allows the fuel injector to directly connect to the combustion chamber since the product is open at the top and bottom of the pre-chamber where the fuel injector is placed. This is needed due to the increase of adopting direct fuel injection into the design of vehicles. This now places the fuel injector in the combustion chamber instead of the intake manifold runner or port, causing the combustion chamber to become even more crowded.

The product has a larger surface area at the top where the coil can be placed on top of it allowing it to be directly connected to the fuel injector. This will simplify the placement of the coil since currently it is placed in a variety of spots depending on the vehicle due to the crowded combustion area. This makes the Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ the ultimate all-in-one solution to combine the spark plug, glow plug, fuel injector, and coil to be placed in one concise area with access to the combustion chamber through a single aperture. This reduces the need to have two to three devices crowding the combustion chamber area to just one.

Finally, inside the grounded body is a positive electrode encased in ceramic insulation. This positive electrode will carry a positive charge that will jump an air gap towards the housing wall, creating a spark in the combustion chamber. This reduces the need for two separate electrical circuits to activate the fuel injector, and the coils and park plug complex to just one singular circuit. The current activates the fuel injector and coil. The coil then discharges the amplified, stored electricity to the spark plug in sequence.

Since the Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ reduces the need of two to three devices being plugged into the top of the combustion chamber to one, it allows all these devices to be placed in the center spot of the chamber. With this ideal placement of the fuel injector, it will maximize how the gasoline is directed into the combustion chamber for the most complete fuel burn causing increased fuel efficiency. This will also help increase the horsepower and torque of the vehicle due to its efficient design of all the devices placed at the center of the chamber.

The Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ seeks to be easy to implement into all varieties of vehicles. It can be used for internal combustion, diesel internal combustion, and compression ignition engines due to its glow plug capability. With the simplified design of the combustion chamber, this will make the area more spacious. With all these parts being clearly placed in one area with ample room around them, it will make it very simple for manufacturers to design the most ideal combustion chamber shape. It will also be easier for auto mechanics to repair and maintain this part of the vehicle. This product is also made from high quality materials, with a long lifespan, and it is easy to produce with a cost-efficient design. This will make it affordable for manufacturers to include in their vehicles and consumers to purchase if they need to replace them on their vehicle.

Materials needed to produce the Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™:

  • Spark plug
  • Ceramic insulation
  • Grounded body
  • Positive electrode
  • Pre-chamber


A working prototype of the Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.



The  Ultra Ring Fire Spark Plug™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,941,746




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