Tube Tree



The Tube Tree presents a revolutionary approach to effortlessly and securely storing a fully assembled artificial Christmas tree, complete with an integrated stand for added convenience. The holder introduces a meticulously designed tube featuring a consistent diameter, complemented by a secondary dimension that ensures comprehensive and robust support. To fortify critical points along the tube holder, a mold is seamlessly integrated into both the upper and lower sections, elevating the structural strength to provide unwavering stability and durability. This thoughtful design ensures that your exquisitely adorned Christmas tree, upon removal from storage, is showcased with ease, creating a visually stunning centerpiece for your festive celebrations.

What truly distinguishes the Tube Tree is its unparalleled manufacturing process. The tube, its handle, and its integral features come together as a unified structure through the sophisticated technique of rotational plastic molding. This advanced method not only guarantees easy movability with the base and roller wheels but also a flawless and sturdy construction that perpetuates the Tube Tree as an enduring and functional masterpiece, exemplifying a perfect fusion of innovation and reliability.


Special features

  • Artificial tree can remain whole
  • Tube storage for artificial Christmas tree
  • Stair climbing wheels
  • Handle molded into design



The Tube Tree is a carefully orchestrated system that begins with the incorporation of a thoughtfully designed tube featuring an inner diameter precisely dimensioned to receive an artificial Christmas tree. This innovative design allows for the seamless collapsing of the tree’s branches within the tube, ensuring a snug fit. The Tube Tree is meticulously crafted using advanced plastic molding techniques, showcasing a commitment to durability and precision in its construction. This sturdy foundation sets the stage for the subsequent elements that enhance the functionality and ease of use.

In addition to the main tube structure, the Tube Tree incorporates essential components such as specially designed stair climbing wheels, a dust cover, a purpose-built tree stand, and strategically placed parts for the tree stand base. This comprehensive construction not only facilitates the smooth insertion and containment of the artificial Christmas tree but also underscores the technology’s dedication to providing a convenient and visually pleasing solution for holiday decorations, promising a delightful and stress-free festive experience year after year.

Specifically, the Tube Tree was designed to assist those with minimal strength to safely manage the storage of their artificial Christmas tree within a basement. It can also be advantageous for those living in apartments or multifamily homes with no concerns for stairs.

Materials needed to produce the Tube Tree:

  • Plastic mold
  • Stair climbing wheels
  • Dust cover
  • String for dust cover
  • Bottom straps with Velcro
  • 2 support legs
  • Tree Stand

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The Tube Tree is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,647,859




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